man standing with fave shirt

Hey there! I’m Caleb Davis, YOUR Lead Learning Coach.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of kids across the country and I noticed that all of them had the same issues with their current schools—

  • They were bored!
  • They didn't get to travel outside of their school!
  • Everything they learned was for some sort of standardized test!

So, when I created FAVE Academy, it was with those scholars in mind! We needed something adventurous. We needed something relevant. Most importantly, we needed something FUN!

We've entered into a new era of education. That calls for a new era of educators. Educators who 'teach different.' Educators who innovate. FAVE Academy is the educational experience of the future.

—Caleb Davis, Founder of FAVE Academy

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Us

We Check The Boxes

This program is 100% ran by educators who have your child's best interest in mind. All of our Lead Coaches are fully certified and highly qualified educators.

We Skyrocket Achievement

Our Team Learning Framework, combined with our passion-based, small group instruction allows for us to maximize academic achievement throughout the year.

We Build Healthy Relationships

Using our 7 Steps to Empowering Engagement, we take pride in building healthy and genuine relationships that allow us to truly relate to each and every scholar we work with.

We Make Learning FUN

With a brand called FlUrNing, do we even need to say more? Our entire focus is on creating FUN learning experiences for all of our scholars.

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