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Who is FAVE Academy for?

  • You’re a middle school student who simply wants to have FUN while you learn.
  • You have a desire to start your own business.
  • You’re tired of sitting inside of a classroom, tired of sitting at a desk, and tired of listening to the same things everyday.
  • You want a REAL-WORLD education that allows you to travel and get a hands-on experience while getting PAID to learn!

Does this sound like YOU? Are you ready for a change?

I'm Ready!

About FAVE Academy

FlUrNing's Academy of Venture and Entrepreneurship, also known as FAVE Academy, was created to provide middle school aged scholars with an alternative approach to education. Our learners engage in entrepreneurship and passion-based learning experiences while exploring the depths of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Many scholars are kept inside classrooms for 13 academic years while only leaving their campus once a year to take "field trips." Our belief is that learning should take place in the real world where our scholars can get paid to apply their newly learned content instantly. If you are looking for an innovative approach to education, and you feel like this is the program for you, apply today to see if FAVE Academy is the best fit!​

What's Our Secret?


We just put our scholars first!

We serve families who are ready for a change in their child's education and looking to take a safe, yet effective transition into an alternative learning experience! Are you ready to create wealth for generations to come? Allow us to provide your learner with a real-world education that fosters Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Passion-Based Learning all in one. Each day, we apply our knowledge in the real world, with real educators, and solve real problems as we venture throughout the DFW. Apply today and experience a fun and Venturesome experience!


This year, our maximum enrollment is ten learners entering the 5th, 6th or 7th grade. Once selected and enrolled into the program, parents will be responsible for unenrolling their child from their current school before August 2023.

No Application Fee is required!
small deposit is due only after application is accepted and will be used to secure your child's enrollment spot.

If you are ready for an innovative approach to education and want to experience REAL-WORLD learning, 
apply and join the FlUrNing Family today! 

The Transformation

Each scholar in FAVE Academy will experience a world-class and unique learning opportunity.

As we remove the focus away from standardized testing and begin to place it on real-world learning, our scholars leave FAVE Academy as business owners, ready to make an impact in their local communities. We know it is time for a change. We know it is time to take control of our own learning and financial potential. We know it's time, and so do you! Come join the FlUrNing Family today and apply for FAVE Academy!

Make a Donation

In order for us to impact the world, we must make sure our daily operations are covered. Our goal is to have a physical location by August 2022 and we need your help. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we are able to accept charitable donations of any amount. Help out our organization by making a financial contribution and be a leading factor towards impacting the life of a child today.


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